Sentinel-1B services: tracking sea ice

00:03:52 13.04.2016
On 22 April, ESA will launch the Sentinel-1B satellite on top of a Soyuz rocket from Kourou, French Guiana.It is the twin of Sentinel-1A, launched in 2014, and the fourth satellite of the Copernicus Sentinel series.With Sentinel-1, ESA and the European Union can already showcase the importance and interest of the space component of the Copernicus programme.The Sentinel-1 satellites offer numerous services covering applications in the marine environment with oil-spill monitoring or ship detection for maritime security, monitoring land-subsidence, and mapping of forests, water and soils as well as supporting humanitarian aid and crisis situations management.This video shows a good example of Sentinel services for monitoring Arctic sea-ice and iceberg mapping with the Danish Meteorological Institute in Copenhagen.
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